Is kerchunking bad?

The practice of briefly keying up a transmitter (pressing the push-to-talk button) to see if a repeater responds with its courtesy tone is commonly known as kerchunking among hams.

It seems like an innocuous enough act, doesn’t it? Just a simple key-up. Unfortunately, it is not just that simple. There can be some substantial consequences, both to yourself and to others. Don’t do it! Don’t be a kerchunker! At the very least, kerchunking is very annoying and rude to others. It is also illegal. Admittedly, it is very unlikely the typical kerchunker would get prosecuted by the FCC for unidentified transmissions, but it is still a possible outcome.

And that brings us to the most harmful aspect of kerchunking. It can be addictive.

A simple kerchunk habit becomes a kerchunk addiction without warning. The once respectable amateur radio operator’s life quickly turns upside down. It is that consuming. It is also a gateway to many other unspeakable practices that further distance the kerchunk addict from the polite society.

Is help available?

The first step is always admitting you have a problem. Once you have made that realization, Kerchunkers Anonymous is your best option to combat this cruel addition. Hams helping hams guided by our exclusive twelve-step program.

If you are ready to accept our help, we are ready to help. We meet the second Tuesday of every week. Everyone is welcome, even those who are just interested for a friend with the kerchunking problem. The meetings are very informal, relaxed, and non-judgemental, and the pizza is free.

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