Ham Social – 09/17/2023

Update: The weather for this weekend looks to be shaping up nicely. So, Lickety Split it is. Lickety Split is located at 593 Columbia Turnpike in East Greenbush. (Some of us know Columbia Turnpike better as Routes 9 and 20.) It is just west of where Route 4 meets 9 and 20. September 17, 2023, at 1:00pm.

I had hoped to schedule the next Ham Social / Ice Cream Social event for Sunday, 09/17/2023, for Lickety Split in East Greenbush. Tentatively, that remains the target for the 1:00pm gathering, but Mr. Weather may be promising some rain. Lickety Split is not the best venue during a rain shower, so I am keeping an eye out for alternative locations.

Country Drive Inn (with its worlds best onion rings) is the back-up location. At least it has generously large umbrellas over its tables. So, if the forecast is favorable, Lickety Split; otherwise, barring a monsoon, Country Drive Inn.

More to follow.

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